makeup trends i’m loving right now…

love this edgy smokey eye!
i don’t know what it is, but the smokey eye NEVER gets old with me.
thank goodness i’ve got this one in the bag! *winks*

here are a couple of pictures from Dior’s fantasy island: SS11 Spring 2011 show.
classic vintage makep that was “supremely glamorous, and flirtatiously tropical”
pops of color on the lids…LOVE it! i’ve always been a fan of bright and bold colors, whether it be green,  purple, or electric blue with sparkles!!!
maybe growing up in the 80’s took it’s toll on me, haha!

back to Dior, i love the vintage feel betty bangs, with a muted punk edge, it’s like rockabilly on vacation!

other colors that we’ll be seeing a lot if in spring are blues, blues of every shade! and being a woman of color i was absolutely thrilled to come across this thread on Socialite Dreams called “You Can Hue It – Bold Blue” you can view the complete article here. it shows how women of all shades and hues can hop on this hot trend, for more detail and product suggestions to get you going check it out! also take a look around it’s a great blog for beauty, fashion, and more! here are a few lovelies to entice you:

and here i am sporting the blue look last new years eve!


2 responses to “makeup trends i’m loving right now…

  1. I just don't know what to say…

  2. Blase, enough said, lol! hilarious!thanks for leaving a comment, much appreciated…it's been so quiet around here for far too long! thank you so much for stopping by!

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