who said running was FREE??!!

of course it’s expensive, so figures! why else would i be SO drawn to it! just my luck! haha…i’ve been affected my the economy like so many others, things aren’t what they used to be. with that being said, running is not helping my plight =/ shoes, socks, dri-fit gear, watches, glasses visors, lube, fuel belts, the list goes on…*sigh* but there is hope! i scored some hot deals a couple of weeks ago! read on my frugalistas! ;p

SALES are your friend, duh as if you didn’t know…but still check your top sporting good stores, they might surprise you! i just happened to swing by Sports Authority because it’s close to my job, and why not check it out…to my surprise Adidas gear was 30% off, woot!

my 1st score these running tights, yeah baby!

(similar to these)

found this on sale for $9.99! the one i picked up has dark pink/magenta trim.

i also snagged a super cute running skirt for $19.99! YAY! NEVER seen them for that low! i chose black. =>

browsed the sunglasses and watches before i left, made mental note that Ironman makes sunnies, and they weren’t $250 like some of the Oakleys I’d been longingly peeking at.

before heading to the house i stopped by Marshall’s just to see what they had, and SCORE! a Champion sports bra to match my visor for $12.99 and Ironman sunnies for $10! woo-to-the-hoo i say!

i already thought $30 – $40 was great, then saw these for $9.99, YES!!! the cheapest i’ve seeen them online was $19.99, GO ME!


2 responses to “who said running was FREE??!!

  1. I really liked the way you presented this information. It nice to read good information like this rather than to waste your time doing nothing. Great Job! Thnkas for posting it!

  2. Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to leave a comment, really appreciate it!

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