Rock N Roll Half Marathon Los Angeles

This past Sunday I ran the Dodge Rock N Roll Half Marathon. After being sick for a couple of weeks and missing some training, I knew this would not be a PR scenario. Story short, I used it as a training run.

To start, the weather was super nice, but that was short lived, the sun came out as well as the heat.

Heat+me=no good.

I did the best I could to keep up with my running group, but by mile six I needed more of a walk break than our 5:1 ratio allowed. I dropped back hoping that as long as I could keep them in site, i’d be all good…that didnt last long.

I was on my own, and my emotions were a rollercoaster, from dont quit, to quit, to it’s so hot, to im stil not well, why are you doing this? Just walk. Give up. It’s too hot!! You’re sloooww. BubbBubb’s waiting. I hate running. Why do people do this? Just walk, you dont get a medal if you dont finish, and the story goes on. To sum it up, there was more walking than I liked, a quad cramp, and pitty tears, but I finished!

I liked the event, it was well organized, started on time, and there were lots of potties throughout the course. The medal is Sa-WEET! I want to run more RnRs, but for now, enjoy some pics…









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