October Goals – Step it up!

Can’t believe I’m sick…pretty angry about it as well. You know the story… sick people coming to work and bouncing germs back and forth, blah, blah…

On to October! Oh wait! Let me first say that, I finished Sept. on a very good note my friends! FINALLY getting into routine again! Strength train two days a week, run two days on my own, group/long run on Saturdays, sprinkle in some yoga and foam rolling, BOOM! This is my plan peeps!

    Here are the goals for October going forward:

Strength train 2x a week
Run 2x a week
Yoga a minimum 2-3x a week (there are 2 poses I’d like to have by month’s end)
*Foam roll after each run (THIS I NEED TO WORK ON)*
Watch calories, eat clean 80%, don’t get too CRAY on weekend (trying to cut some weight here!)
Read 1 book a month
More shop focus – 4 new pieces a month
Try new sports or trails (love running trails/hiking, need to do more)
Bike more!
Get cert by end of year (shall be revealed later on)
3 half marathons in the next 3 months (is this over ambitious??)

Pretty much it for now. I’ll follow up at the end of the month and see how it went, wish me luck! What are you guys focusing on in Oct.? What are your goals to finish out the year strong?

Last, to look like I’m actually running (well, jogging) in race photos. I mean, WHAT IS THIS??!! Lol! ;p



2 responses to “October Goals – Step it up!

  1. Love the goals and LOVE that you’re rockin’ those bright green socks! I need to get me a pair of those. My kids call that color Laser Lemon and they LOVE when I wear it ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Thanks, now just to kick this cold or sinus thing to the curb so I can crush them! ;p Laser Lemon, OMG! LOVE it!! Lol!

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