My runs & races

Wow, totally just found this post…
I really need to get on my blog game, no joke! I can think of 3 post i need to get up not including this one.

On to my running, Oct. Started off so good, strength training sessions in the gym, weekly runs, long runs on the weekend, boooo. Still under the weather actually. Set backs aside, i was still able to complete my main goal for Oct., which was the Rock ‘N’ Roll Half Marathon LA, my first race of the season! Woot! Woot! Post to come…

First race down, 2nd fast approaching, yeah, i know. I couldnt help myself, i came across a deal too good to pass up! I had been contemplating both the Santa Barbara half matathon, and the Malibu half, when i received the discount offer via email which sealed the deal! Half #2, Santa Batbara here i come! Thank goodness the race has special rates with a ton of hotels in the area, because trust me, in SB, you need all the help (price breaks) you can get! I mean, heeelllooo, Oprah lives there!!!

Signing up for the SBIM half set in motion a goal that i’ve been contemplating for a while. 12 in 12. Yep, I’d like to complete 12 races (pref halfs) in 12 months! Anybody else have any cool race goals?

Thats pretty much it for now…just trying to get better, not freak out about having been ill/missed some trainings while having a race coming up, find a race for Dec. and Jan, and make a serious push towards trail running (long time love/goal i’ve had). Anyone else switch from road to trail? How’d it go? How’d you transition?

Here are a few pics from one of my last long runs before the race…








2 responses to “My runs & races

  1. I love the 12 halfs in 12. I’m currently month 3 in. I am going to pepper the year with a few marathons too to keep it interesting ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Nice! OMG, the “M” word! That’s awesome! I’m hoping to be able to do it one day! What’s your next race? the Griffith Park Trail one, right?

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