Color Run 2013

Hey! Hey!

I’ve been a bad, bad blogger, I know…sorry to have fallen off the face of the planet…more apologies later (another post). A couple of weeks ago I did The Color Run and I just wanted to share a few pics from the event.

First let me say that it was TONS of fun! A non timed, walker friendly, no pressure run/walk. There was a delay at the start, about 30-40 mins, but the surrounding energy was so good that it wasn’t a big deal. Once the event was off and running, we were sent out in waves to prevent crowding, even so, it was pretty packed for quite a while. The group only began to thin after a few back to back rollers. I actually enjoyed the lil inclines since my running training has seemed to go the way of my blogging routine, yikes!

There’s not a whole lots to say, except it was LOTS of fun, and actually this was the first finish line party that I could have hung around for quite a while, unfortunately the other half had work to get to, waaaahhhh. 😦 I highly recommend it, such a fun, high energy event, and good for all ages! I can’t tell you how many granny’s were out walking eager to get splattered with color, so cool!

Here are a few pics and a post race vid!

My “dirty” face!

Who doesn’t love a unicorn?? C’mon!

Running through a cloud of blue…

Sweaty arms :p

Clean me

Dirty happy me!

Post race power up, protein plate!

And since it was my birthday weekend kickoff, there was a Jäger bucket! Yes, Jäger with a pump. in a bucket (of ice)!! Woooooooo! I was asleep by 5 (sad but true);p

Word to the wise, blue lips make your teeth appear SO much whiter! :>


4 responses to “Color Run 2013

  1. I love it. 🙂 looks like fun! 🙂

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