Foodie Friday – Egg White Muffins

Yo! Yo! Guess who’s back?! And I have another yummy and healthy recipe for you guys. If you’re like me prepping breakfast in the morning is not an option, I’m out of the door a lil after 5AM, therefore brekky usually consists of yogurt and fruit, overnight oats, cream of wheat, or cereal. If you find yourself in the same boat,let’s step up our game peeps! I present to you egg white muffins, TA-DA!

I’d been wanting to make these forever and finally got ’round to it! So here we go! This recipe is super adaptable, so if you wanna make it vegetarian, knock yourself out!

First I placed muffin liners in each tin and filled (spray with cooking spray or wipe with olive oil, i used garlic infues EVOO) with them with half a strip of low sodium turkey bacon, you could use nitrate free deli slices or omit meat all together. Then top with a bit of shredded cheese, I used parmesan.

Next, gather ingredients you would use in an omlette or scramble. Spices, veggies, etc. I used garlic Mrs. Dash, Montreal Steak Seasoning, pepper, spinach, onions, and almond milk. Chop some spinach, or bell peppers, mushrooms, anything you like really, and mix it all together to incorporate ingredients thoroughly.



Pour the egg mixture into your muffin tin, keep in mind that these little guys are going to rise during baking, so leave a little room ๐Ÿ™‚
Depending on your oven bake the little dudes for anywhere between 15 a 20/25 minutes…

And voila! They reheat nicely, so if you’re into meal prepping, this is a perfect recipe. It’s definitely going into my regular meal rotation. Enjoy!


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