Chinatown Firecracker Weekend 2013

Such a fun weekend, I ran the Firecracker 10K last year with my honey, and knew I’d run it again. This year he did the 30 mile bike ride on Saturday and I did the 10K on Sunday. We both had a blast!

Check out the mad camera phone skillzzz, yeah boy! Seriously, I LOVE this pic

I hung out with Bubb during the lighting of the firecrackers and the rest of the opening ceremony

Then I ran to the front so I could snap a pic of him taking off! I actually ended up taking a quick video!

Fast forward a while…see the lil orange blip on the left?? Here he comes!

Angel City Brewery was serving a a delicious IPA looking beer!

Then we grabbed post ride brekky, healthy and nummy!

On to Sunday and the 10K, SO MANY PEOPLE!!!!

Too bad I’m not in better hill running shape, because after the two brutal monsters in the beginning, it is such a beautiful run that I wish I could have taken pics! I was trying to make up for my time during the second half, so you guys get a pic of beer and my medal, lol!

Finally got to try Smashburger, their veggie/spicy black bean burger, is pretty good! I got the Tex-Mex version, so there was avocado and chipotle mayo, etc., great combo.

And you know I got froyo on the way home ๐Ÿ˜‰ salted caramel pretzel and west coast tart.

It was a great weekend, easy peezy packet pickup, on time starts, and cool post race events. Also, both events provide a a bit of a challenge. I highly recommend them. I’ll be back next year for more!


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