Kitchn Cure Day 2. Clean and declutter pantry and food atorage spaces

This one took 3 hours guys. I took a day off between day 1 and 2, and have been so pooped after day two that my attention span for this has waned :/ I’m hoping to get back on the ball today or Monday. I’m very pleased with the results far, so I have to follow through. Hopefully the rest of the days won’t be as tough!

Anyone else out there doing Kitchn Cure 2013, if so, how’s it going? Did you complete all the assignments? What waa the toughest day? Please tell me it gets easier foing dorward, lol. Here are a few pics from day 2…



The bottom shelf of this cabinet was a hot mess, look at all the vitamin/supplement samples that were thrown in the back?! Ridiculous!



My puppy has his own lil kitchen space now, nice and neatly organized.


This was the killer, wiping down the shelves, spices, taking inventory,  and putting everything back, wait for it…ALPHABETIZED! Woot! Go me!

All right, that’s it, on to the next one…


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