It’s Wednesday, What’s New?


Sorry, I had to. Alright peeps, so it’s Wednesday, What’s Up? If you read my post from Monday, you know all about my pain and me finally being a smart lil lass and going to the Dr. *update* – I’m hurting, it started last night, the back and the hips. I’ll need to go back to be adjusted again, which he thought would happen, no big deal.

Aside from the body stuff, I’ve been CRAZY obsessed with de-cluttering and organizing my kitchen and office/creative space. You can read about the kitchen crazies here. The work space post has yet to come. Right now, I just wanted to share two little tidbits, apps actually, that are helping to keep me focused and kicking the butt of my “To DO” list.

First up, EVERNOTE. I know, I’m probably WAY late on this one, but so happy to have found it! I’m still new to the app, so for now I’m just using it to create and track my To Do list. I really need to take a good look around so I can use it to it’s full potential. I just found a video guide on the website, so know what I’ll be doing as soon as I’m done with this post! If anyone has any helpful tips and suggestions, I’m all ears and would be very grateful!

Next on the list, Pomodroido. I’ve been in the habit of setting a timer to complete tasks and stay on focus for a few weeks now, but recently came across this app and the whole pomodoro technique. It was developed in the 80’s, and the technique is basically you work in 25 minute increments followed by a short break. It’s “based on the idea that frequent breaks can improve mental agility.” Some people work like this naturally, good for you guys! I tend to pile a bunch of stuff on my plate, slave away like a work horse, and if I don’t get destracted and fall of course, I’m SO beat down and overwhelmed, that I never want to continue or revisit/finish or start the next portion of said project.*wwaaaahhhh*

So far, it’s working for me. I’ve been doing pomodoro in the suggested 25 minute intervals, often working through my breaks (you can choose to skip them and continue your next pomodoro right away). It is nice though to have the option of taking a breather. Less pressure, ya know? I think I might extend my blocks of work time to 30 minutes once I’m used to this method.

That’s pretty much it for now. I highly suggest both of these methods/apps. If you need any help focusing and organizing your time management and attention span, these two will serve you well. So far they’ve help me get back on track with getting the ball rolling on quite a few upcoming goals and deadlines.

You can find more info on EVERNOTE here, and Pomdroido here. If you don’t have a droid phone, there are other options, this just happens to be the app I use. So don’t put it off a second longer. Write out the goals, make a plan, and get the tools you need to help you personally succeed.

Good Luck!


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