Kitchen Cure Day 4.5: Deep Clean

Quick (lol, sarcasm. nothing about this challenge has been quick) update about Kitchn Cure 2013:

When I left you last, I was done with Day 3 – Declutter Appliances, Gadgets, and Tools. Which was not awful. Getting to Day 4 – Deep Clean has been a LONG process, not so much the cleaning part, but my attention span for it. Days 1 – 3 took hours upon hours, and I was scared by the time I worked my way down the list to DEEP CLEAN. To be honest, it hasn’t been that bad. I’m more than half way through. Thank OCD for me going overboard the other 3 days, so deep clean just left the oven, sink, and floors to be done. Now the only thing left are the floors, hopefully those will happen today.

I peeked ahead and Day 5 – Restock Ingredients is going to be delayed, I’ve already gone shopping for the week, it will have to wait until next week’s trip. Day 6 – Consider Appliances, Gadgets, and Tools will have to wait as well, there are definitely things I need, but I have to budget them in to existence. Let me actually get the floors clean, and check Day 4 off of the list, then we’ll visit the last few days and my plan of action. Even though it’s been a pain in my butt, I’m really loving what this challenge is doing for my living, as well s my head space.

Here’s a pic, I was too over it to snap befores (sorry), but here are the fruits of my labors:



Please take a moment to stop by Ginger Couturier’s blog! Without her, I wouldn’t have even found out about this inspiring challenge! Here’s a link to her Day 3 post.


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