Monday, Make It Happen

Hi guys, it’s Monday, here we go!

I had a nice relaxing weekend, no complaints here. It’s a good thing I took it easy, because as I type I feel as though I’m fighting something. I’m not sure if it’s a cold or allergies, but I have NO time for it, especially with Vegas looming on the horizon. Here are a few snaps from the weekend…

Friday night cheese party, I love me some Humboldt Fog, and if you didn’t know, I HAVE A HUGE CHEESE PROBLEM.


Had an awesome day hanging out with one of my best girl friends on Saturday, nothing beats girl time.


Went to breakfast with two of my favorite humans on Sunday morning, and found the latest addition for my workspace! If I only had room, love this not so little guy.


Ran a few errands after breakfast and took an afternoon nap with my boys, perfect Sunday!


Last week was productive. This week I’m just trying to keep the momentum going. I  set a goal last month to have 100 items in my shop by today, fail. I’m 23 away and not sure that I can bust out that much product in the next few days. Bummer. I’m still focusing on creating as much as I can and getting things set up for Black Friday and being out of town. Wish me luck. Have a great week.


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