It’s Wednesday, What’s New? 11.20.13

Feeling overwhelmed here. I’m sick and don’t have the energy needed to crush my goals like I have been the last few weeks.

I’m so bummed, because I was just getting my workout routine to be a habit again. I was doing so well.

Then there’s National Blog Posting Month, I’ve been quiet about it, but I hqve been participating. Basically, you’re supposed to blog every day. I’m more than halfway through the month and unfortunately I haven’t been utilizing National Blog Posting Month to my full advantage, as far as networking and sharing posts. I am proud to say that at least I have blogged every single day, be it photo, or text. Knock on wood.

Other than that, nothing super new to report. I’m just trying to get better and wrap up any loose ends before we head out of town next week. How’s the pre-Thanksgiving rush treating you guys? Are you on track to be prepared for Turkey Day? Anyone else sick?


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