Monday, make it happen 1.20.14


Last week was super productive fitness wise! I finished week 5 of StrongLifts 5×5, and I worked out 5 days, woot woot!

Here’s a quick rundown…

Progress pic, belly is finally starting to shrink, and shoulders are starting to grow.


In anticipation of spri tri training, I’ve added spin into the routine…been good about taking my post workout protein. Now if I could only get my water intake back to a gallon. :/ I used to be so good.


Swimming has definitely become an enjoyable part of my workout regimen.


The weather last week here in SoCal was unseasonably hot, not warm, HOT! Mid 80’s all week, unfortunately, drought and dry heat don’t mix, and there were some bad wild fires, thank God no one lost their lives. In the pic below you can see smoke over the water. Keep in mind the fires were about 40-50 miles inland. Pretty insane.


Folks out enjoying the Venice beach bike path.


Dr. Zaius enjoying the beautiful weather and a trip to Dogtown.


Here’s a random post strength training cardio pic. Incline treadmill walking…working on that glute-hamstring tie in.


Sunday was very relaxing, spent a lot of the day reading book #2 for my 2014 reading challenge.


I also got in some cardio and abs before my SEAHAWKS kicked some butt in the NFC!


It was a good week indeed! How are you guys doing? Anyone else on a fitness mission? I’d love to hear what you all are up to!


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