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Food For Friday 12.20.13 – Pretzel Turtles

Saw this super easy and yummy recipe on Pioneer Woman not that long ago and just had to try it. For the complete recipe and direction go here.

All you need are mini pretzels…

Carmels that you place on top of the pretzels and bake for a few minutes at 350 degrees…


then simply press pecan halves into melted caramels…


Melt chocolate and place a dab on the parchment lined baking sheet, then drop the  pretzel in the center of the chocolate… (Do yourself a favor and use a good quality chocolate)


Devour at your leisure, or for the safety of your waistline have your other half take the majority to work to share with his coworkers! 😉




Food For Friday – Las Vegas / Thanksgiving 2013 Recap


The very first meal of the trip was a late night snack at Planet Dailies,
Two slices of challah bread stuffed with cheddar,
Swiss, American and provolone cheeses with
grilled tomatoes and crispy bacon…


Next on the list, breakfast at Hash House A Go Go and their
BLT Blood Mary!
If you follow me on IG or read my post from earlier in the week, you’re already familiar. 😉


Also from Hash House…
w/ maple reduction, 2 eggs, bacon mashed potatoes & biscuit


And for actual Thanksgiving Dinner we hit Wicked Spoon, the buffet at The Cosmopolitan (my favorite hotel). We normally do the buffet at The Wynn, but we decided to switch it up this year, and were all pleasantly surprised. They had all of the Turkey Day standards as well as various international and exotic fare. The only thing I missed was the wild boar I normally have at The Wynn.


Again, welcome to team Bloody Mary! This time with Bakon vodka and mezcal!!!


At Society Cafe, besides the yummy bacon blood mary, I had the CRAB CAKE OSCAR BENEDICT.


One of the places I was extremely excited to try was Gordon Ramsay’s Burgr, which we indulged in our last night. I can tell you 100% these were the best onion rings I’ve ever had!


I had the Euro Burger, which consists of truffle aïoli + goat cheese + arugula
+ oven roasted tomato

That’s all for the Thanksgiving recap! Nothing too crazy, but I got to scratch a few places of of my list, and that’s always fun. Can’t wait to go back!

Food For Friday – Paleo Spaghetti Squash and Turkey Meatballs

Healthy and simple is the name of the game. I follow a great healthy eating blog on Facebook, Paleo Pot . He posts tons of easy Paleo crock pot recipes. I absolutely fell in love with this one a few months ago, Stupid Easy Paleo Spaghetti Squash & Meatballs. Mind you I’d never had spaghetti squash before, had been wanting to try it forever, but hadn’t until this recipe, and I still ask myself, WHY DID I WAIT SO LONG?! I love, love it! Trying to stay away from white carbs I’ve tried various types of pasta, whole grain, multi grain, whole wheat, brown rice, and this vegetable has them all beat!

I’ll stop swooning over spaghetti squash and get back to the recipe now. It’s super easy, all you need is  a medium squash, 1 lb of Italian sausage/ground sausage (I removed the casing from mine), a can of pasta sauce (lazy way) or a can of tomato sauce and herbs/seasoning (I’ve done both and loved it with the tomato sauce and my fresh herbs from the garden), garlic, and olive oil.


Doesn’t get more simple than this. Cut the squash in half, scoop out the seeds, dump the ingredients in the croc pot, put the squash in, form and layer the meatballs around the squash, and let it cook for 3 – 5 hours.


BAM! When it’s done you simply use a fork to scrape the squash strings out. Fast, easy to prepare, and healthy to boot! Needless to say this is on regular rotation around these here parts. 😉


Food For Friday – Cookie Butter

Hola peeps! Not a recipe today, but an awesome discovery! I’d been seeing it make the rounds on Instagram and blogs for a couple of weeks, and finally was able to make it to Trader Joe’s to pick up some.

Ddddrrrruuuuuuuuummmmm roooooooollllllll….


Seriously, I’m going to make this short and super simple.

Believe the hype.

Oh, and do yourself a favor! You can thank me later. 🙂

Happy Friday