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5. On the floor


the big 4 concert indio, ca! (mosh pit video included)

my oh my!

this past weekend in indio, ca was AMAZING!

if you haven’t heard of The Big 4, it was the most metal concert ever featuring, anthrax, megadeath, slayer, and metallica! ALL METAL ALL DAY! and yes, it was AWESOME!

i must say slayer stole the show in my opinion. i went a fan of a few songs, but left TOTALLY smitten with them! =p

metallica was good, very good, but they gave a better show last time i saw them, winter before last. *side note* lars needs to get it together.

and, megadeath, i was so excited for them and it was just alright…*sigh*

super cool badge/ticket and wrist band! 3-d hologram, SWEEEETTT!!!!!!

my new fav hot sauce, colon cleanser!! where can i get this stuff?!?

me in my “i love slayer” (front) “i hate you” (back) tee, a gift from papa, lol!

SLAYER!!!! me waiting on the sidelines a safe distance away, while my other half was in the pit!
he’s totally insane!

also, here’s a lil 1st hand video from the slayer pit! i don’t know how my honey didn’t drop the camera!!!! SKILLS PEOPLE! SKILLS!!!!


super feeling the new adele song

rolling in the deep! mmmmmmmm