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What’s been going on…A Late Wednesday What’s Up

One of the items on my do to list for this year, is a sprint tri. With that being said, I’ve finally hit the pool. And have been uber enjoying it! I’ve found a few tri training plans, just need to pick the best option for me. I’m super excited! 

I’m still doing the StrongLifts 5×5 program, still loving it. The plan is to keep bulking until March, 12 weeks total. I just have to find a way to incorporate the whole, swim-bike-run thing into my schedule. Also, I really need to figure out why my back is not getting any better, haven’t run in forever. This ish has gotta stop!

Here are a few snaps from life as of late…






It’s Wednesday, What’s New? 12.11.13

Hey guys! I started a 12 week transformation Monday, Stronglifts 5×5.  You can get more information here, but let me give you the quick rundown, I wanted to “Gain Strength And Muscle While Burning Fat…And Training Only Three Times A Week”, so check!

I’ve wanted to do a bulk for the last couple of years, but was never at my ideal weight (still not). This year I decided to go for it. I also wanted a simple routine that wouldn’t have me in the gym for 2 hours 5-6 days a week, I’ve had those moments, a lot, and thoroughly enjoyed them, but I’m not at that place right now. So 45 mins, 3 times a week, perfect. Also, after doing a bit of research I found a great video for making this a fat loss program. So I can build some serious lean muscle while still slimming down. I’m hoping it works for me, it kind of reminds me of crossfit (which I loved) as far as adding weight, etc…I won’t bore you with details.

I’m also working on finishing up a custom order for a kawaii decoden business card case. I’m really excited about this one! I can’t wait to share the finished product with you guys. If you’re familiar with kawaii, and decoden, here’s the definition from Wiki:

” “lovable”, “cute”, or “adorable”…the quality of cuteness in the context of Japanese culture.”

Here are a few examples of my handmade kawaii products…

Photo Frame

Compact Mirror

Barbie Business Card Case

Another compact mirror


Kawaii Heart Ring

You can see more of my Kawaii items here.

That’s all for now what’s going on with you guys? Anyone else getting a head start on their fitness for the new year? How’s the holiday hub-bub coming along?

It’s Wednesday, What’s New? 12.04.13

Still deflating and trying to get back into the swing of things since Las Vegas / Thanksgiving. A sign that the organization bug is still alive and buzzing?? Once home, I actually unpacked and washed my clothes right away. This normally doesn’t happen until the suitcase has been laying in the middle of the bedroom floor for about a week. So *high5*! I also made it to the grocery store and gym today. I’m moving slow (still not 100%), but things are getting done. Go me!

Wish I had an awesome post full of tons of pics, but Vegas was very low key this year, probably because I wasn’t feeling the greatest. I do however have pics of food…Of course! I’ll save those for Friday.

I’m having a hard time getting back into the blogging, work side of things. I’m working on it, but it’s definitely moving at a slower than I would like pace. The goals for the rest of the week:

  • get the workouts in, even if they are only cardio, get ’em, done!
  • get back to the blog and shop routine
  • work on a custom order I have since I’ve FINALLY received all of the supplies for it.

That’s about all I can handle for now. Anybody else having a hard time getting back to their “normal” pre-long weekend/holiday/out of town/family in town life? I’m really struggling this time.

Before I go I’ll leave you guys with a mini photo recap…

The drive out was beautiful, especially during sunset. We didn’t make the best time, but it wasn’t our record worse (8 hours a few years ago).


In preparation for the trip I found a new favorite nail polish, this awesome grey from Essie, Mind Your Mittens. It’s a great break from black, but still edgy and sophisticated, LOVE!


I was finally able to talk the BF into seeing a cirque show. We had wonderful seats and it was fabulous, we both LOVED it! It totally re-ignited my desire to take tissu and contortion classes!!!


For some reason this trip produced a lot of bloody marys consumption, which is odd because I never drink them. I was more than pleasantly surprised, they hit the s-p-o-t! This is a pic of the BLT Bloody Mary, can you say yum?!


We usually have Thanksgiving dinner at the Wynn, but not this year, more on that Friday. I was totally excited that we ended up having brekky there one day because it’s always exciting to see their holiday floral displays. Check my favorite from this year! I’m in love, it’s so me, the only thing that would have made it MORE me would have been if they were unicorns or My Little Pony! 😉 Simply beautiful!


Another delish bloody mary, this one had Bakon Vodka and Mezcal. Oh yes please! It packed quite the punch, and if I hadn’t been with family, I would have had another and tried the Bloody Bull, it has beef broth and a Slim Jim, c’mon!!


We also were lucky enough to catch Bill Cosby’s latest stand up tour while he was in town. Wish I could rave about it, but at least we got to see him, and that’s pretty cool.


I also found my Christmas present this year! Hope Santa realizes just how good I’ve been!! *HONK*HONK*


The drive home also had beautiful views , volcano clouds and snow capped mountains included, can’t complain about that.


~Til next time Vegas~

It’s Wednesday, What’s New? 11.20.13

Feeling overwhelmed here. I’m sick and don’t have the energy needed to crush my goals like I have been the last few weeks.

I’m so bummed, because I was just getting my workout routine to be a habit again. I was doing so well.

Then there’s National Blog Posting Month, I’ve been quiet about it, but I hqve been participating. Basically, you’re supposed to blog every day. I’m more than halfway through the month and unfortunately I haven’t been utilizing National Blog Posting Month to my full advantage, as far as networking and sharing posts. I am proud to say that at least I have blogged every single day, be it photo, or text. Knock on wood.

Other than that, nothing super new to report. I’m just trying to get better and wrap up any loose ends before we head out of town next week. How’s the pre-Thanksgiving rush treating you guys? Are you on track to be prepared for Turkey Day? Anyone else sick?

It’s Wednesday, What’s New? 11.13.13

Plugging away here, creating and merchandising for the holidays…

Check out my new holiday Facebook cover! What do you think?

Fb Cover

I’ve also been shooting new merch with a holiday vibe.





With Thanksgiving fast approaching, are you guys feeling the holiday vibe? I do believe I’m getting in the spirit a bit!