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Monday, make it happen 1.20.14


Last week was super productive fitness wise! I finished week 5 of StrongLifts 5×5, and I worked out 5 days, woot woot!

Here’s a quick rundown…

Progress pic, belly is finally starting to shrink, and shoulders are starting to grow.


In anticipation of spri tri training, I’ve added spin into the routine…been good about taking my post workout protein. Now if I could only get my water intake back to a gallon. :/ I used to be so good.


Swimming has definitely become an enjoyable part of my workout regimen.


The weather last week here in SoCal was unseasonably hot, not warm, HOT! Mid 80’s all week, unfortunately, drought and dry heat don’t mix, and there were some bad wild fires, thank God no one lost their lives. In the pic below you can see smoke over the water. Keep in mind the fires were about 40-50 miles inland. Pretty insane.


Folks out enjoying the Venice beach bike path.


Dr. Zaius enjoying the beautiful weather and a trip to Dogtown.


Here’s a random post strength training cardio pic. Incline treadmill walking…working on that glute-hamstring tie in.


Sunday was very relaxing, spent a lot of the day reading book #2 for my 2014 reading challenge.


I also got in some cardio and abs before my SEAHAWKS kicked some butt in the NFC!


It was a good week indeed! How are you guys doing? Anyone else on a fitness mission? I’d love to hear what you all are up to!


Day 20. I’m listening to


Metallica has been getting me through pushing these heavy weights. Especially this morning, no sleep, no food, but I got it in, week 2 done!

Day 18. Big


Trying to get a big back! This is the before pic, stay tuned….

It’s Wednesday, What’s New? 12.18.13

To speedily catch you guys up, I had a wonderful weekend. Worked out Saturday morning, and later was date night. The BF and I had dinner while watching the holiday boat parade in our hood. It was so much fun, and I can’t believe I just found out about it the day before, it’s been going on for 50 years for goodness sake! It put us two scrooges in the holiday spirit, that’s for sure!

What else?? I finished and mailed off my custom order business car case, and let me tell you it turned out adorable! *insert pats on back here* I received an email from my customer today and her best friend loved it! I’m so happy!!

Last, this is my second week doing StrongLifts 5×5, and I’m still enjoying it. WOO-HOO, not bored yet! I’m already seeing improvements in the amount of weight I’m able to use, which is a nice bonus to push harder. I’m not going to weigh myself this week (which is super hard for me), trying to go every two weeks since this is a bulk. I have a tendency to get crazy about the numbers on the scale and am trying to avoid that meltdown.

So the 12 week challenge is going strong, the only thing I’m struggling with is my water intake and getting enough protein. I’m working on it. They say summer bodies are built during winter and I’m on a mission, screw your January 1st! lol 🙂


It’s Wednesday, What’s New? 12.11.13

Hey guys! I started a 12 week transformation Monday, Stronglifts 5×5.  You can get more information here, but let me give you the quick rundown, I wanted to “Gain Strength And Muscle While Burning Fat…And Training Only Three Times A Week”, so check!

I’ve wanted to do a bulk for the last couple of years, but was never at my ideal weight (still not). This year I decided to go for it. I also wanted a simple routine that wouldn’t have me in the gym for 2 hours 5-6 days a week, I’ve had those moments, a lot, and thoroughly enjoyed them, but I’m not at that place right now. So 45 mins, 3 times a week, perfect. Also, after doing a bit of research I found a great video for making this a fat loss program. So I can build some serious lean muscle while still slimming down. I’m hoping it works for me, it kind of reminds me of crossfit (which I loved) as far as adding weight, etc…I won’t bore you with details.

I’m also working on finishing up a custom order for a kawaii decoden business card case. I’m really excited about this one! I can’t wait to share the finished product with you guys. If you’re familiar with kawaii, and decoden, here’s the definition from Wiki:

” “lovable”, “cute”, or “adorable”…the quality of cuteness in the context of Japanese culture.”

Here are a few examples of my handmade kawaii products…

Photo Frame

Compact Mirror

Barbie Business Card Case

Another compact mirror


Kawaii Heart Ring

You can see more of my Kawaii items here.

That’s all for now what’s going on with you guys? Anyone else getting a head start on their fitness for the new year? How’s the holiday hub-bub coming along?